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The islands near Fajardo, Puerto Rico, are a captivating showcase of natural beauty. Since it’s a private tour I can customize the times and destinations. The closer islands we go to are Icacos, Lobos, Palomino, or Palominito. We also offer tours to Culebra, Culebrita, Luis Pena, and Vieques! With their pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and lush tropical landscapes, these islands offer a paradise-like escape. The coastline is adorned with vibrant coral reefs, making it a haven for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. The verdant hillsides are home to exotic flora and fauna, creating an enchanting atmosphere for hikers and nature lovers. As the sun sets, the islands unveil breathtaking vistas, with hues of orange and pink painting the sky. From the rhythmic sound of waves to the gentle rustle of palm trees, the natural beauty of these islands near Fajardo is truly awe-inspiring.

You are welcome to bring anything additional you would like. We have plenty of drinks and food but if you would like something special we will be happy to add it to the cooler and serve it for you.

Icacos, one of the islands near Fajardo, Puerto Rico, stands out for its exceptional natural beauty. This small, uninhabited island is a hidden gem in the Caribbean. Its powdery white sand beaches stretch along crystal-clear waters, inviting visitors to bask in the sun or indulge in a refreshing swim. The vibrant coral reefs surrounding Icacos teem with colorful marine life, creating a vibrant underwater world for snorkelers and divers to explore. The island’s lush greenery and swaying palm trees offer shade and a serene ambiance. Icacos Island is a true tropical paradise, captivating visitors with its untouched landscapes and captivating natural allure. Icacos is gorgeous. Crystal clear water that is so many shades of turquoise with white sandy beaches. It’s where I go with my family when we have boat days. 

Even if it’s raining on the mainland the little islands usually only get quick sprinkles and it passes. We still go on days like that. If it’s pouring all day of course we cancel and try to reschedule or give a refund. The same goes for the Rainforest. Even if it’s raining in one area of the rainforest there are other areas that are still perfect for adventuring. It’s big! 

The captain and mate will not only be serving and assisting you the entire trip. They will take you on guided snorkel tours and help you spot all the exciting marine life. Captain and mate are dive masters trained in life-saving so you can feel totally safe while exploring. Totally VIP!

Coral, fish, dolphins, sea turtles 

Yes! We have floatation devices and a very patient captain and crew who will assist you the whole way. You can even snorkel if you can’t swim! Lots of times we are able to anchor in water that is shallow enough to stand in and you can walk to the beach. 

No! Everyone is welcome on all of our tours! 
We cater the tour to your group’s needs and everyone’s abilities.