Educational Tour and Snorkeling Adventure

 Private Tour – Up to 12 People, Ages 4+

Duration: 4 Hours 

Prices: $125

What to Bring: Towel, Sunscreen and Sunglasses

A Unique Educational Tour and Snorkeling Adventure! Learn as you explore with Aquazul. Spend the day on the beautiful waters off the coast of eastern Puerto Rico learning about marine life, reef preservation and conservation. The tour includes multiple stops, snorkel guide, informational material, light lunch and snacks with soft drinks. The tour leaves out of Villa Marin. 

Educational Tour and Snorkeling Adventure 🤿🌿

Snorkeling Tour Half-Day Fajardo PR

Educational Tour and Snorkeling Adventure – Unveiling the Wonders of Eastern Puerto Rico 🚢🐠

Embark on a Four (4) Hour Private Educational Tour from Villa Marina Yacht Basin in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, and immerse yourself in a captivating blend of learning and exploration. This unique adventure, hosted by Aquazul Tours, features a yacht, snorkeling escapades, and a team of knowledgeable guides, including a Captain, Crew, and Eco-marine guide. Discover the secrets of marine life, delve into reef preservation, and gain insights into conservation efforts along the stunning coastline of eastern Puerto Rico.

Setting Sail from Villa Marina Yacht Basin 🏝️

The journey commences at the scenic Villa Marina Yacht Basin in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, creating the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable day. As you step on board our comfortable vessel, the excitement builds for a day filled with exploration and enlightenment.

Learning Through Exploration with Aquazul Tours 🎓🌊

Embark on the Educational Tour from Fajardo Puerto Rico with Aquazul Tours, where education seamlessly blends with exploration. Spend your day on the pristine waters off the coast of eastern Puerto Rico, gaining insights into marine life, reef preservation, and conservation efforts.

Dive Into A World of Knowledge About Sustaining Marine Life 🤿🌐

Explore the Enchanting Waters with our carefully curated Educational Tour and Snorkeling Adventure. This voyage takes you on a journey of discovery, with multiple stops revealing the diverse wonders of the underwater world. Accompanied by an expert snorkel guide, witness vibrant ecosystems teeming with fascinating marine creatures. Learn about the delicate balance of these ecosystems and the significance of preserving them for future generations.

Throughout the Educational Tour from Fajardo Puerto Rico, our knowledgeable guides share a wealth of information, enriching your understanding of marine biology, coral reefs, and the threats they face. Discover the intricate symbiotic relationships between different species and the vital role coral reefs play in maintaining the health of our oceans. Acquire practical tips firsthand on how you can contribute to conservation efforts, both locally and globally.


Educational Tour and Snorkeling Adventure – Learning Blends With Exploration

Savor the Moments with Eco-friendly Practices 🌿🌞

To keep your energy levels up, we’ve thoughtfully included snacks and refreshing beverages. As you enjoy these treats, take a moment to soak in the awe-inspiring surroundings, basking in the warm sun and feeling the gentle sea breeze. Aquazul Tours’ commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices is evident throughout the tour. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment, ensuring that future generations can continue to cherish and learn from the marine wonders of Puerto Rico.

An Extraordinary Voyage of Discovery 🌏🚀

Join us on this extraordinary voyage and let the splendor of eastern Puerto Rico broaden your knowledge and deepen your appreciation for nature’s marvels. Become an ambassador for marine conservation, not just in Puerto Rico, but wherever you are. Aquazul Tours invites you to discover, learn, and play a vital role in preserving the beauty and diversity of our oceans. Book your Educational Tour and Snorkeling Adventure today and embark on a journey that combines education with the thrill of exploration.

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