Yacht Charter Puerto Rico

$4,500 Private Charters All Ages

Price includes up to 8 people, the capacity is 12 people.

Duration: 5 Hours

Starting in Fajardo, PR: You could own this yacht for the day! You and your closest 11 friends will be welcomes aboard with true VIP service! Elegance, space, agility, and light flooding through large windows. The Azimut Yachts collection boasts the utmost luxury at 65-feet and offers a unique experience of wind and light, lulled by the comfort of welcoming environments and the finest Italian materials, for a true sense of wellbeing. Capacity 12 guests.

All-Inclusive Private 65-foot Yacht Charter Puerto Rico FROM FAJARO

Yacht CharterPuertom Rico from Fajardo

Yacht Charter Puerto Rico from Fajardo: A Luxurious Aquazul Adventure 🚤

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Aquazul Tours, setting sail from the picturesque Fajardo, PR Marina. Our private yacht charters redefine luxury, offering an exclusive experience aboard the Azimut Yachts collection. Let the Caribbean Sea be your playground as you explore the pristine beauty of Icacos, Lobos, or Palomino islands. 🌴

Your Fajardo Adventure Unveiled 🌅

Nestled in the eastern region of Puerto Rico, Fajardo sets the stage for your extraordinary voyage. The Adventure begins as you step onto our 60-foot Azimut Yacht, a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship that promises the epitome of luxury. With a capacity of 12 people, including up to 8 in the base price, you and your companions are in for an exclusive treat. 🎉

Choose Your Island Paradise 🏝️

Aquazul Tours offers you the freedom to shape your own adventure. Select your destination among the enchanting Icacos, Lobos, or Palomino islands. These pristine locales, each with its unique charm, await your exploration. Consult with your Captain and 1st mate to tailor the journey to your preferences, ensuring a bespoke experience on the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. ⛵

VIP Treatment Aboard: Your Exclusive Yacht Experience 🌟

Aquazul Tours is committed to providing a VIP experience that goes beyond expectations. With the entire yacht at your disposal, you and your closest 11 friends can bask in the joy of owning a yacht for the day. Plan your itinerary, explore hidden coves, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 📸

Indulge in Luxury: All-Inclusive Yacht Charter Package 🍹

Our Yacht Charter from Fajardo ensures your comfort and enjoyment with an all-inclusive package. From a delectable BBQ lunch featuring hamburgers, hot dogs, a meat and cheese platter, to local fruits, we cater to every palate. Quench your thirst with unlimited rum punch made fresh on the boat, local beers, sodas, juices, and bottled water. All you need to bring is your towels, as we take care of the rest, ensuring you have an unforgettable time on the high seas. 🍔🍹

Aquazul Fleet: Unveiling the Azimut Yachts Collection 🚢

When you choose a Yacht Charter from Fajardo with Aquazul Tours, you’re not just reserving a boat; you’re immersing yourself in the luxury of Azimut Yachts. Synonymous with sophistication, our 60-foot Azimut yachts redefine the art of seafaring. With elegant design, inviting spaces, and unparalleled craftsmanship, these yachts provide a sensory experience like no other. Bask in natural light through large windows, and relish the finest Italian materials that adorn these floating masterpieces. 🌊✨

In summary, Aquazul Tours offers a premier Yacht Charter experience departing from Fajardo, PR. With the flexibility to choose your destination, VIP treatment, and an all-inclusive package, we ensure that every moment on board our Azimut Yachts is nothing short of extraordinary. Book your luxury escape now and let the adventure unfold in the heart of the Caribbean. 🌐🌊

VIP Private Deep Sea Fishing Charter Puerto Rico

Unleash your spirit of adventure and experience the unparalleled beauty of the deep blue off the coast of Fajardo with Aquazul Tours’ VIP Private Deep-Sea Fishing Charter. Perfect for a group of up to 6, our all-inclusive package takes you on a captivating full-day journey designed for the ultimate marine-life enthusiast. Discover the Ocean’s Wonders with Aquazul Tours’ VIP Private Deep-Sea Fishing Charter.

VIP Private Scuba Diving Charter Puerto Rico

Up to Six (6) People, 5.5-hours
On this VIP Private Scuba Charter, we will take you out on a custom 36 ft dive boat to the Icacos Islands for the day. The trip includes the use of scuba gear, wetsuits, an oxygen supply, and buffet-style lunch with soft drinks. Dive down some of the clearest waters of the Caribbean and see amazing marine life and reefs at your fingertips.

Sunrise and Sunset Cruises from Fajardo, PR

Up to Six (6) People, 2-Hours - Private Charter
Sunrise and Sunset Cruises Boat Charter – Aquazul’s premier sunrise and sunset cruises are the perfect way to start or end your day. Cruise the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea at dusk or at dawn. Watch the sun rise or set over the horizon, and take in the stunning views of the islands. You can expect stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, a relaxing and enjoyable experience, and memories that will last a lifetime

Private Charter to Vieques (Day Trip + Bio Bay) from Palmas Del Mar

Up to Twelve (12) People -10-hours to 12-hours.
The Private Boat Charter from Palmas Del Mar to Vieques, and, a visit to the Fajardo Biolumenescent Bay is a great way to see the island and experience its natural and unique beauty. The trip includes a stop at the Bioluminescent Bay, where you can kayak and see the bioluminescence in action.

Private Charter to Culebra from Fajardo

Up to Six (6) People, 7-hours - Private Charter
Aquazul Private Group Tours will take you on an unforgettable journey into crystal clear waters and colorful marine life! Come discover why snorkeling in the Caribbean islands with customized private boat tours from Fajardo, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas is an experience that should not be missed!

Private Charter to Cayo Icacos from Fajardo

Up to Thirteen (13) People, 6.5-hours - Private Charter
From the shallow flats along shorelines to the deepest blue waters of the Puerto Rico Trench, come and experience what saltwater game fishing is all about! .

Private Charter to Culebra from Palmas Del Mar

Up to Twelve (12) People, 6-hours - Private Charter
Aquazul Tours Private Charter from Palmas Del Mar to Culebra: Culebra, Puerto Rico, enthralls with its blend of natural beauty, relaxation and adventure, and there's no better way to explore it than starting with a Boat Charter from Palmas Del Mar with Aquazul Tours. Set Sail to Paradise: From Palmas Del Mar to Culebra, Puerto Rico with Aquazul Tours

Private Charter to Vieques from Palmas Del Mar

Up to Twelve (12) People, 6-hours - Private Charter
Aquazul Private Group Tours features the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico is where the Atlantic Ocean waves and currents meet those of the Caribbean Sea. This is where we go fishing. From the shallow flats along shorelines to the deepest blue waters of the Puerto Rico Trench, come and experience what saltwater game fishing is all about!

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